Friday Devlog #14

October 30th, 2020 19:51
Written by: Mycophilia

Skills (Myco)

I've been reading through all the server side skill code and I think I'm going to start rewriting most of it. Mainly because the way everything is structured right now means that there's a ton of code duplication and it will only get worse when I start making changes to how most skills work and implementing new stuff like skill perks. 

The original devs decided to write separate skill/combat code for the Perom (they probably also didn't want to touch the old code lol), so by rewriting it from scratch means I can simplify the code by a lot, which is always a big plus.


We're making a Patreon, maybe?

To be quite frank, it's been hard at times to keep ourselves motivated to work on v2.0 at a pace where we will have any chance of releasing it this century. We're basically working for free now in the hopes of maybe earning some money in the future if the server does well when it releases.

We've been talking a bit about maybe starting a Patreon so that anyone who wants to support the development, are able to. We haven't discussed the details yet though, we would like to perhaps hear your guys' thoughts on what kind of stuff we should provide for supporters and such. We'll be more than happy to discuss it with anyone on our Discord.

We'll probably post about again in the future once we've decided what to do!