Friday Devlog #15

November 27th, 2020 22:01
Written by: Mycophilia

Skills (Myco)

I've finished restructuring skill information in the server database so that it only contains the information we're actually going to use in the future.

I also improved the code that is responsible for saving a character's skills to the database. The old way basically deleted the previous information and inserted the current information, which as you can imagine is a terrible way to do things! If the server were to crash between deleting and inserting, all the information would be lost (this is also the case when a character's items are saved, I'm going back to fix this at a later point).

The new way is much better, it looks up the previous information and updates it with the new information. The worst case crash in this situation would be a one minute rollback to the last time it saved successfully.


Most of the structural skill code is also completed on the server side, so once I also finish it on the client side I can start working on assigning them to the action bar and activating them with keybinds instead of mouse clicks.