Friturday Devlog #16

December 19th, 2020 20:51
Written by: Mycophilia

Character Selection Screen (Risen)

The UI is finally done! Stuff worth noting is that a character is rendered with their equipment when selected, there's going to be more than 5 character slots and the icon variations you can see on some of the characters is to represent the Hardcore, Ironman and Hardcore + Ironman modes.


Branch merges and general project cleanup

We've completely merged our separate development branches into the master development branch (The UI system rework by me and the login system rework by Risen). So Risen can now start on recreating all the in-game UI windows with the new system while I continue with the skill stuff.

I also spent some time finally cleaning up the git projects for the client and server. We had a ton of old branches that had already been merged into master, but weren't deleted, so I deleted those.