Open alpha release!

October 4th, 2019 09:22
Written by: Mycophilia

The open alpha is finally here! We've been hard at work this past year redesigning and reworking Laghaim at its very core! And we feel it is time to show our work and to gather feedback. 


Major changes

- Client optimizations resulting in much better performance on Windows 10
- Customizable keybindings
- Updated UI
- Skill levelling system
- New item upgrading system
- New runecrafting system
- Additional equipment slots
- Complete overhaul of damage and defense formulas
- Rebalanced and reworked progression
- New loyalty system
- New monster soul system
- New power and utility stat
+ much more


For more detailed information regarding most of the new systems, check out our new and improved Wiki


Content available in the alpha

With this inital release, our main focus is to test gameplay, system and balancing changes. So the only map available is Laglamia. Additional content and maps will get added later once we're happy with everything else.


If you're interested in checking out the alpha, head over to this page, create an account and download the launcher.