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Friday Devlog #4

We unfortunately don't have a lot to share this week! I've been busy these past couple of weeks with another project, and xRisenx has been dealing with the learning curve of developing a Discord bot. Progress should start ramping up again starting next week.

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Friday Devlog #3

Item logging (xRisenx)

One thing we feel is pretty lacking in the original server source code, is a robust logging system. All current logging gets dumped into a single text file, so it's really hard to find a specific thing you're looking for, and borderline impossible to actually use all the logged information for anything useful.

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Friday Devlog #2

Another week, another devlog!

Textblock UI element (Myco)

This UI element was by far the most complicated to write, and is what I spent most of my time on this week. Turns out making sure text is split into multiple lines and positioned correctly is a non-trivial task when working with legacy c++ code.

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Friday Devlog #1

Starting from today we will be posting weekly devlogs every Friday containing a few words about what we've been working on the previous week.

UI system rework (Myco)

One thing that has been a real pain in the ass for us since we started working on Laghaim Invictus is the absolute mess that is the client UI code. For example, the largest UI source code file contains a massive 25.000+ lines of code that is horribly tangled together, full of duplication, riddled with legacy code and is generally poorly written by the original devs.

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Server rules

  1. You are required to make yourself familiar with our rules. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking them.
  2. Using any third party software to modify the game client or using a bot/macro to the play game for you is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
  3. If you discover a bug in-game, you are required to report it to the admins. You will get punished if you abuse it to gain an unfair advantage over other players.
  4. Be respectful of other people both in-game and on our Discord.