Friday Devlog #17

We don't really have anything new to talk about since our last devlog in December, but since it has been a month since the previous devlog, I figured it was about time for some sort of progress report.

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Friturday Devlog #16

Character Selection Screen (Risen)

The UI is finally done! Stuff worth noting is that a character is rendered with their equipment when selected, there's going to be more than 5 character slots and the icon variations you can see on some of the characters is to represent the Hardcore, Ironman and Hardcore + Ironman modes.

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Friday Devlog #15

Skills (Myco)

I've finished restructuring skill information in the server database so that it only contains the information we're actually going to use in the future.

I also improved the code that is responsible for saving a character's skills to the database. The old way basically deleted the previous information and inserted the current information, which as you can imagine is a terrible way to do things! If the server were to crash between deleting and inserting, all the information would be lost (this is also the case when a character's items are saved, I'm going back to fix this at a later point).

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Friday Devlog #14

Skills (Myco)

I've been reading through all the server side skill code and I think I'm going to start rewriting most of it. Mainly because the way everything is structured right now means that there's a ton of code duplication and it will only get worse when I start making changes to how most skills work and implementing new stuff like skill perks. 

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Friday Devlog #13

We decided to not post a devlog last week because I've been too busy catching up on another project and Risen wasn't quite ready to talk about the things he's been working on yet.

Action Bar (Myco)

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Friday Devlog #12

UI Rendering (Myco)

I fixed a bug with the scrollable UI element that caused it to pass along mouse events to child elements that were outside of the visible area. You could for example pick up an item in the inventory on the 5th row of inventory slots even when it was only displaying the first 4 rows.

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Friday Devlog #11

UI Event System (Myco)

I finished the last bits of the event system I talked about last week, AND IT'S GLORIOUS! Creating events and sending them all over the UI structure is a piece of cake to do now!

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Friday Devlog #10

Making the UI talk to itself with an event system (Myco)

When I started working on picking up and moving items in the new inventory window, I suddenly realised that the way I had been connecting UI elements wasn't going to work as soon as an item needs to be moved to a separate part of the UI (i.e. from the inventory to the action bar or the stash). What I needed was bidirectional communication between elements in the UI tree structure.

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Friday Devlog #9

We didn't post a devlog last week because we didn't really make any appreciable progress that week. Life in general has been kinda distracting lately, but we're still chugging along anyway.

Login System (Risen)

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Friday Devlog #8

Item Quality -> Bonus Levels

Risen and I had a chat about item quality and we've decided to replace it with something new we're calling "Bonus levels". The reason for this is that I felt the extra 5% to item base stats per quality level is basically the same bonus as plussing the item.

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